Bitcoin The Decentralized, Borderless, planeteless, Paperless, Peer To Peer Currency That No One Can Stop!

Bitcoin is decentralized, peer-to-peer, borderless, fast and safe. You’re in full control of your Bitcoin, there are ways that it provides a return on investment through forking, and the infrastructure is currently building throughout the entire world.

Have you ever tried to send money to another country to the otherside of the globe? I’m not just talking from the United States to Mexico. I mean have you ever tried to send a couple of thousand dollara to relatives in Iraq? If you have then you know just how stressful it can really be! It cost out the @$$, the government has full control over it, and they probably do background checks, and check your great, great grandfathers life history before they ever let you send it. If one little thing pops up in your families history they probably shut it down and retjrn your money. Leaving you to figure out how to help your mom pay rent in her 3rd world country… Not to mention if I was to try and send $10,000 to a relative in Iraq or Afghanistan it would still take a few weeks to process. Leaving your poor relatives to figure out how they are going to eat, bathe or even have a roof over there heads!

What truly made me want to invest in Bitcoin was the fact that it was decentralized, borderless means of payment! Only you control your money! You can send as much as you want, anywhere you want. There is nothing your government can do to stop you! I mean they can try, but once you hit send and it confirms on the blockchain there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your government can’t just hit a magical refund button and get the money back!

A couple of weeks ago I decided I am going to send money to the Moon! I always seen people posting #Bitcoin and #Moon everytime I seen bitcoin was pumping. I thought to myself why not send bitcoin directly to the moon? Could the United States Government really stop me from sending Bitcoin anywhere I wanted? I have seen it sent across borders but never have I seen anyone send it to the moon! They best part is all tge money I plan to send to the moon will stay there until someone goes up there and gets them!

Mr Beast purchased space on a moon rover, and is selling space he bought to send any kind of picture you want to the moon and it only cost $10!

So this part gets kind of funny for weeks I was tagging Mr.Beast, Jason Williams, Peter McCormack, CZ Binance, Pompeo Elon Musk and Michael Saylor! Trying to get someone. To donate or hwlp crowdfund a way to get Bitcoin on the moon! My original plan was to use a KeepKey or Nano Ledger with a specific address to the moon, with the only copy of the keys being with the wallet on the moon! Once it landed, I planned to send all of the coins designated for the moon to that specific wallet. Well a few days after tagging Mr.Beast and Elon Musk. Mr.Beast made a post about how he made a deal with nasa and purchased space for the next trip there. This all happened within a week of me beginning this project. I cannot help but wonder if he did not steal my idea…To an extent. I would have never been able to afford it anyways, but the stars aligned perfectly and now I am just 30 short days away from liftoff! I would still like to send a hardware wallet in the future but that us all in due time. Imagine if Bitcoin hits 100 million a coin! 50 years from now people will be finding away to get to the moon just to retrieve these coins! When they do they will have the keys and wallet address of the coins! Then all they will need is internet and they can send them back home. Or even just take the private keys load them up and bring them back and possibly be extremely rich when they do…

(Edit I am publishing and adding to this just do not want to lose what I have written up so far)

Everyone talks about Bitcoin to the Moon!! I am going to put Bitcoin on the Moon 2021! Do your part to make history!